Complete Children’s Health


12,945 square-feet




13 months

Project Summary

Although we had built two other facilities for Complete Children’s Health this was their first facility that had a patient side and a staff side. In the staff area there were two concerns, with the high ceilings, the staff was concerned about sound, with the hard lids above the offices, we were concerned about access to electrical. Working with the architect, we came up with a system of decorative sound panels that were used to help control sound in the high ceiling area and also covered up the access to the ceiling above the offices. Partway through the project the owner had to commit to a moving date, the space they were vacating was going to be renovated for a new tenant. So keeping things on track so we could get occupancy for the owner to move was key. The days that we saved early on in the schedule were need in the spring and summer to cover for the lost days from rain and mud. The push at the end from everyone involved help bring the project in on time.