Our Process

Creating a true partnership you can rely on.

the brester experience

Our Process

Brester Construction was founded based on the idea that a construction company should sit on the same side of the table as project owners and developers, truly supporting them and their goals. Nearly 40 years later, we’re still guided by that principle.



Keeping you in the know at every step

We believe transparency is the key to successful partnerships – no secrets, no surprises.

Budgeting : We welcome project owners to sit in on our bidding process, seeing all the details behind the numbers included.

Scheduling : We work with clients to set a realistic schedule from the beginning and let you check in on real-time progress whenever you’d like.



Successful projects are a group effort

There’s a large team behind every successful project. That’s why being a team player is part of our DNA.

Owners : We dig into the why behind every project to further assist project owners in bringing their vision to life.

Design Team : Our team works closely with the design team to clarify drawings, verify constructability, and determine means and methods.

Subcontractors : By bringing subcontractors into the process earlier, we get more accurate estimates and fewer changes throughout the build.



Bringing everyone home safely, everyday

Safety is more than following procedures, regulations, and policies. To us it’s about bringing people home to their families every day.

Accountability : We are strict about adhering to safety standards for our people and everyone on our job sites.

Teamwork : Our people know what there are no lone rangers at Brester, we work together, and protect each other so that we can head home as a team.

Learn more about our regulations, procedures, and training.



Building for the future

Brester Construction is on the cutting edge of incorporating sustainable and efficient technologies into building projects.

Advise : Our team helps you understand how to create a sustainable and efficient project that looks beyond the present and into the future.

Maximize : We work to maximize your investment and reduce long-term operating costs to create a healthier environment.

Lead : We’ve made it our mission to be industry experts in sustainable technologies and materials to fit the needs of our clients.