Michael Tracy

Position: Field Superintendent

How Long Have You Worked For Brester: Since 1999

Hometown: Fairbury, Nebraska

Hobbies: Coaching baseball, woodworking, building Legos, yard work, building Legos, grilling, building Legos…

One Thing You Couldn’t Live Without: My wife and two boys…they are my everything. 
I also love ice cream and would eat a bowl every night if I could! Cold, delicious goodness!

Hidden Talents: I lay all my talents out on the table. Why hide the good stuff?

Favorite Childhood TV Show: All the classics like: Transformers, G. I. Joe, He-Man, Voltron, Fragel Rock, Smurfs and even a few that weren’t cartoons like M.A.S.H and The Cosby Show.

Favorite Movie Quote: “It’d be a whole lot cooler if you did.” 
–Dazed and Confused

Dream Vacation: A never-ending Caribbean cruise.